Antique Chandeliers

24 Feb

In reality, even an old chandelier that has seen better days can be the start of a lovely new light fixture. Because teen girls are notorious with regard to love of campy, vintage and unusual room furnishings, a chandelier is often an extremely popular choice. By remaking a current chandelier, you can make big savings while still creating an exceptionally eye-catching look in her room. Here are some techniques you may use to transform an old chandelier into the perfect decorating accessory to your favorite teen girl’s room.

Choosing that Chandelier

In the event you look around in ones attic or basement, you will probably find an unused chandelier that you can utilize for this project. However, even if you don’t already own one, they can be quite easy to find in second-hand shops, flea markets or garage sales. Any time selecting your chandelier, you should be more concerned with functionality and safety compared to appearance. Since you’ll probably want to add a fresh together with funky coat of paint to the chandelier, it won’t matter too much if it is tarnished or scratched. However, if the wiring isn’t in good shape, you’ll want to either spread that particular chandelier, or plan to get it rewired. In fact, you don’t want to refurbish and redecorate that light fixture if it’s not safe to use.

Quick Redecorating Tricks for Old Chandeliers

After getting a safe chandelier selected, you can begin that decorating process. If you intend to add a fresh new look to an old chandelier looking for an opportunity, simply give it a fresh coat of paint. Use a fun and funky shade which include pink, purple or even green. You could also paint the chandelier white, using fun accent designs to paint designs to the frame. Or, try draping the chandelier with swaths of fabric, creating a fun canopy effect. You can also create a mobile from the chandelier, suspending flowers, trinkets and charms from the arms. If you have some artistic talent, you may also want to try painting the chandelier within a more detailed fashion. For instance, you could paint that light fixture white. Start being active . black zebra stripes in the event the base coat has dried out. Adorn the arms of the chandeliers with hot pink bows to add even more fun.

Adding Chandelier Shades

Additionally decorating the Old Chandeliers shape, you can also add decorative features through the use of shades. Even if the chandelier didn’t originally include shades, you can purchase small shades that will work. Try adding decorative trim on the edges of the shades, such as a fun lime green fringe. Or, paint types on white or neutral shades, which will show up even more when the lights are fired up.

Whichever decorating methods you choose, you’re sure to create a modern and fun chandelier light fixture that the teen girl will simply love.
This will ensure that you paint will not bubble and also peal from grease or dust. Now your light is preparing to me taped off. You’ll want to cover all the electrical components of the light. If paint gets into the sockets it might cause the light to not work.

Once ones light is totally prepared you will want to hang it from some sort of wire or rope. This will allow to get all the way around the light and get the top and bottom all at once for even coverage. They key to painting your light is to apply a quality paint and do even coats very lightly so that you do not get runs. apply several coats to ensure a quality finish and let it dry for about day before handling it.

Since you light is dry put your glass on and replace any wiring that’s removed.